We provide high-quality customised mentorship services to the community of independent makers, designers and artists of Australia.

Feeling a little stuck with your business and not sure what to do next?  Perhaps you’re making your way through it OK but need a bit of a push.  Are you seeking some external accountability or straight up honest feedback?  A DBP mentorship can guide you along a process of change towards your goals with empowering advice based on our knowledge and experience.

You can expect nurturing guidance, friendly faces and practical advice that’s affordable and accessible.  Angela and Renee have a combined 20+ years experience in the industry including roles at Etsy, Finders Keepers, Garage Sale Trail and Koskela as well as their own successful small businesses Leeloo and {Twin Set}.

Queensland based ceramicist Mari Bray shared her thoughts about her recent mentorship with us.

“What I love most is the chance to discuss and form practical solutions and strategies that I may not have thought of on my own.” 

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Sessions take place with both Angela and Renee at a pre-scheduled time online via Google Meet, allowing us to service the community Australia wide!


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Our services have extended to other small local businesses such as yoga studios, marriage celebrants, business coaches and more.  Contact us to discuss how we can help you. 

Mentorship with Angela D'Alton Renee Baker from D'Alton Baker Productions

Images captured by Maja Baska


How does it work?

To begin the mentoring process, you will start with an introductory session with both Angela and Renée.  This session, guided by DBP, is essentially an investigation into you, your strengths and your objectives.  It provides DBP with a clearer view of who you are, what you want and how we can work with you towards the goals you’ve set for yourself and your business.

This process also provides mentees with an insight into what they can expect from mentoring, an opportunity to get to know Angela and Renée, and to find out if we are the mentors you’re looking for.

From that session, DBP provides recommendations on how we think the mentorship process can best support your mission, areas of focus and desired outcomes.  The mentee drives every session thereafter and provides the topics for discussion at each meeting.

DBP works as a trusted and affordable resource to mentees, much like a well-loved textbook or content-rich website, with a pulse.  DBP can guide you, provide honest feedback, suggest methods and give you the benefit of conversational advice, all while drawing upon our experience and knowledge.

What is mentoring?

Mentorship is a relationship. Mentors guide mentees through a period of change towards agreed objectives, where the mentee taps into the experience and skills of the mentor.

There are no hard and fast rules to mentoring.

A mentor has vast experience and skills in a specific field, practice, industry or vocation.  A mentee utilises the value provided from the relationship with their mentor towards their own mission at their discretion.

Mentors provide independent, objective advice whilst summoning reference to their own specific learnings. Mentors assist mentees to make choices.

In a confidential and casual setting, mentorship provides the mentee with a relationship that supports and guides them towards their own goals.

By nature, mentoring itself is informal. Although structured and planned, meetings must remain flexible so that mentors can address the priorities of the mentee.

As mentors, our role is to assist you in the achievement of your objectives in a way with which you are happy. We are not all things to all people, and our methods and our style will not suit everyone.  A mentor’s fit to mentee is as individual as choosing a professional in other realms, such as a physiotherapist or a plumber.

Once the mentor has a clear understanding of the current status of the mentee and their business, future discussions are lead by the mentee. In those conversations mentors provide an impartial and trusted source of independent opinion and advice.

We are “expert mentors” when considering the variety of mentorships available. This means we are a useful resource, for example, in the case of someone starting a new small creative business or reviewing their existing business within the Australian independent art and design community.

Mentoring is not training, although there are many educational aspects. We teach while encouraging self-learning, homework and personal tuition to ensure that during our meetings the mentee receives all of our attention through active listening.

Mentoring is not coaching, which is a more formal method of enhancing performance in your present state. There are some coaching aspects to mentoring so as to provide encouragement, however the process is more often about providing you with support during professional and personal change.

Mentoring is a natural and organic method of passing on knowledge and skills from someone with experience and expertise.

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