Here’s a few things our lovely clients have had to say about our mentoring services….

“I’ve known Angela and Renée for many years now as a result of seeing them regularly at design markets and events, and was thrilled to find out that they had started their own mentoring business.

My first thought was, what a perfect match and business idea for the both of them considering their incredible knowledge for all things biz and my second thought was…..sign me up now!

Five sessions in and I can confidently say that this was the right (lovely) kick in the pants my small business of 8 years has needed.

Angela and Renée have been incredibly generous with their advice and time. Every session feels like going to business church, it is cathartic and inspiring and you finish feeling like you can take on the world or in my case my accountant, marketing strategy and business plan.

I feel excited for the future of Roger & Peach particularly with amazing my amazing cheerleaders D’Alton & Baker.”

Mel Morrison, Roger & Peach

Instagram @rogerandpeach

“What I love most about the mentoring service that Angela and Renee provide is the chance to discuss and form practical solutions and strategies that I may not have thought of on my own.

As a full-time designer and mum of three children, I don’t have a lot of time to stop and think about my business besides fulfilling orders and building stock for design markets.  After each one hour session I feel I have a clearer direction.”

Mari Bray, Mari Bray Ceramics

Etsy Mari Bray Ceramics
Instagram @maribray

“Renée was a fantastic touchpoint for me in the early days of the business to help take the whirling maelstrom of ideas and questions out of my head and make some sense out of them.

The absolute biggest help was Renée’s tech savvy understanding of running a modern business. She helped me to transition my business over to a number of excellent apps and web platforms that brought calm and organisation to those early days.

She understands the creative mind works differently in business and her sensitivity to this made me feel like I was talking to a friend, or someone who got me, which was so great.

Her assistance nutting out the finer details required for my first stall at one of the large design markets was so valuable, as Renée really understands the entire scope of the event. She assisted me with a promotional campaign to implement during the lead up to the market, which added to our success.

Overall the experience of working with Renée was really easy, enjoyable, valuable and most importantly she helped me to get through the early stages of overwhelm with my business and actually make stuff happen!”

-Ainslie Fletcher, Violet Eyes

Instagram @violet_eyes_au

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