Mentorship, media support, advice, training and more

  • Mentorship

    We provide high-quality customised mentorship services to the community of independent makers, designers and artists of Australia. Whether you’d like us to provide you with an online shop critique, guidance with your social media presence, tips on hosting a stall at design markets or general advice from those in the know, we’re happy to help.  Contact us to book your first session.

  • Media

    Looking to set up your social media presence, but don’t know where to start? We can create your social media accounts, design an e-newsletter, plan a special content schedule and provide a little training to help you on your way.

    Maybe you need some assistance writing copy for your business? We also write media releases, website copy, product descriptions, biographies and advertising copy too!

  • Events

    Looking for a helping hand for your next event?  We can assist with styling, organising, finding the right location or the entire event. If it’s a themed birthday party, an exhibition or a product launch, we’re keen to hear what you’re looking for. Get in touch with us today.

  • Online Courses

    We provide affordable, in-person (live!) online training specific to the industry of indie Australian designers covering topics such as marketing, social media, branding, networking, customer service and more!  Check out our online courses page for more info. (We’re also more than happy to bring these courses to your venue!)


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