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New year, new ideas, a refreshing burst of creativity and a renewed passion for your business and your future. It can also mean new fears, fresh anxieties and that all-too-real feeling you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

Mentoring with DBP provides you with a second (and third) set of eyes, a sounding board and a different perspective.

Why mentor with us?

You will open yourself up to the potential you already have and the possibilities available to you. Turn issues into opportunities to grow, have those “aha” and “why didn’t I do this sooner?” moments.

We can share our unique observations about the ways people find success in this niche industry.

We both have over 10 years experience in this field, both of us having worked at Etsy and The Finders Keepers Markets (Renee still does!).  You can explore our portfolio of past work here.

How can I find out more?

After our successful Q&A sessions in 2017, we’re working again with the lovely folks at Daisy’s Milkbar in Petersham, Sydney in 2018 to give you a taste of what mentoring can provide.  We are also super excited to be teaming up with the legends at Firecracker Event to bring you our very first Melbourne session!

With down-to-earth practical examples and easy-to-use advice, you can master the gentle art of building new habits and manifest an open channel for your creative flow with simple set-and-forget systems.

Find out more; about Angela and Renee, our experience and ask questions relevant to you and your business by grabbing yourself a ticket to our next Q&A event. Meet like-minded locals and join other members of the friendly and vibrant creative community in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

Topics to chat about include:

▻ Customer Service
▻ Design Markets
▻ Social Media and Newsletters
▻ Visual merchandising
▻ Self-promotion and Networking
▻ Communications and copywriting
▻ Marketing and Advertising
▻ Wholesale / Retail
▻ Online stores
▻ …and more!

DBP Q&A @ Daisy’s Milkbar 6pm Wednesday 7th February
DBP Q&A @ Firecracker HQ 6pm Tuesday 27th February | BOOK NOW

Tickets are just $25 each (or $30 on the door) and can be picked up via PayPal by clicking book now.

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DBP Q&A Session at Daisy's Milkbar Dalton Baker Productions Angela Renee
Images captured by Maja Baska (excluding our snap in the Daisy’s tees)

NB: Registration for this event serves as acceptance by attendees that they may be
photographed or filmed at this event, with images potentially shared online.


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