D'Alton Baker Productions

D’Alton Baker Productions is a partnership between Angela D’Alton and Renée Baker.

DBP merges these powerhouses of the Australian maker community and their combined experience into a hard-working, unafraid and enthusiastic crew of two.

“We’ve created this business to feed our passion; to support the independent designers and artists of Australia with their micro businesses through mentorships and specialised services.”

Angela D’Alton 

Angela has over 25 years of experience at work.  Covering myriad industries, such as Communications, Training, I.T. and Customer Service, Angela’s career has provided a wealth of knowledge, skills and the know-how to run a business.

Always passionate about nurturing the creative pursuits of young emerging designers, Angela launched Leeloo.com.au in 2007, a web store and blog dedicated to Australian makers.

It was the hard work and experience of managing Leeloo, that raised the interest of Etsy who offered Angela the role of Community Manager in charge of Seller Education in late 2011.  This position allowed her to thrive in the arrangement of several events, including Etsy Success Sydney, a hugely popular conference especially created for Etsy sellers and local designers, which was included within the Vivid Sydney 2012 programme.

Later, Angela worked with events businesses including Garage Sale Trail and The Finders Keepers, (in both roles as Communications Manager), and confirmed her position as a pillar of the sustainable maker and design community in Australia.

She’s even worked as an agent, representing the throng of artists housed by the UK based Illustration agency to it’s ANZ based clients.

A keen writer, Angela has had pieces published on Mamamia, Illustration and Desktop websites.

Angela has been interviewed by or featured in 2threads, Spit Press, Brag Mag, Women in Business, Meet Me At Mikes, The Sydney Morning Herald, Arts Interview, ZDNet, Creative Women’s Circle, Desktop Magazine and the Daily Telegraph.

Angela has been invited to share her opinions on a variety of topics at industry-based panels including:

  • “More Dash, Less Trash”, a sustainable fashion event organised by Liane Rossler at Sydney Jewish Museum
  • “You Can Always Get What You Want” featuring other professionals from Über and oDesk
  • “Craft and Design as a Career” run in conjunction with Craft Victoria
  • “Blue Lab” where she participated in two panels for the creative industries symposium in Katoomba.

With her empathetic interpersonal skills, Angela is in a unique position to be able to share the benefit of her extensive experience when mentoring those new to the design industry.

Renée Baker 

Always able to provide a fresh perspective and wide-eyed curiosity, Renée has spent over 10 years getting to know the maker and designer community of Australia like no-one else.

Having built the social media presence for Etsy Australia and Koskela, whilst making The Finders Keepers social media following what it is today, Renée as an artist and maker herself empathises with the small creative businesses, and knows what it takes to be a success in this field.

With serious social media savvy, a well-honed eye for graphics and a self-taught ability to create engaging short-form copy, Renée has managed to take The Finders Keepers Instagram following from a modest 10K to the massive following it has today.

Illustrations by Renée have been featured on many collaborations with stylist Mr. Jason Grant, including the line of Murobond paints and Officeworks stationery. Additionally, Renée’s imagery has been featured in a window installation of the famous Kartell design store in Sydney’s Westfield Bondi Junction and have also been seen in an advertising campaign by Lion Nathan.

Renée’s work has been published in real living, Peppermint magazine (which featured her on the cover of Issue 5), Yen and was profiled in (Sydney) Magazine alongside Megan Gale and Kirralee Johnston as part of the “Experts Guide to Sydney Style”.  Her design work can be found in “A Little Bit Crafty”, published by frankie magazine.

Process-driven with an eye for detail, Renée is ready to share her specific insights into social media and participation in markets that she’s gained over almost 10 years in the industry with the fledgling designers of today.

Before DBP….

Together, Angela and Renée have creatively managed and curated four exhibitions from start to finish; Once Upon (Sydney), Disband (Sydney and Melbourne) and Drawn From Fashion.

Angela and Renée have extensive experience at design markets. They’ve participated in many together under the Leeloo and Etsy banners. The Finders Keepers experience they have together means they are across all aspects of the markets, from the application and curation process through to the event management side.  Additionally, Renée and Angela used to manage their own vintage clothing business, {twin set}, where they collaborated with emerging photographers to create special imagery to reinforce to their audience that you don’t need “new” clothes to be stylish.  This was a sustainability initiative which proved popular and confirmed to the community that these are ladies “walking the walk”.

Having worked together on dozens of marketing campaigns, events, a variety of educational workshops, and other productions, when combined, the output of these two is far greater than the sum of their parts.

Leeloo was featured in Shop Til You Drop, frankie magazine, Peppermint Magazine, RUSSH, Bust and dozens of blogs.

Angela and Renée via their (now closed) vintage business {twin set} appeared together in Slow Magazine, and their exhibitions have been featured on The Design Files, frankie magazine, Desktop magazine and Fashion Journal amongst many other popular blogs.

To find out more, please click here to see our portfolio of past productions.

To register your interest in one of our mentorships or to find out more about the specialised services on offer, contact DBP today.

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    Angela D'Alton


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