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Dalton Baker Productions Renee and Angela Mentors
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Your expert mentors

Angela D'Alton

“We assert our opinions and provide advice bravely, openly and with utmost integrity. We believe in choosing courage with clear communication.”

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Renée Baker

“We believe in empowering our mentees with knowledge and resources to continue the tradition of community support.”

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Gain clarity and confidence in your business goals

Optimise your website and e-commerce strategy

Mentors Renee Baker Angela Dalton

Receive friendly and nurturing support from experienced mentors

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Set yourself up for success in every aspect of your business

Heidi Helyard Finders keepers

Heidi Helyard

“I credit DBP for helping me get into my first Finders Keepers market!

The best thing about working with DBP is that you know you have two experienced, knowledgeable and committed mentors to help you with any queries/decisions you have about your business.

When you work solo, having a sounding board is so important.”

Testimonial and image credit Heidi Helyard

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